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Chloe Eves

Voice Actor

Distinctively Diverse.


Professional, Dynamic, Powerfully Emotive and Extremely Versatile are but a few of the many terms my talents have been described as over the years as I continue to provide voices for a large array of characters, projects and medias.


Videogames, Commercials, Trailers, Cartoons, Music and more; I have accumulated many roles across the board and continue to do so with my ever growing list of global-clientele and fresh opportunities.

  • Northern Irish-born talent

  • LGBTQ+ & Non-Binary

  • Trained by Dave Fennoy, Lani Minella, Karen Strassman, Jason Lord & More

  • Proficient in Accents including Non-Regional American, British & Irish

  • ADR Training & Experience

  • Trained in ADR Directing by Crunchyroll

  • Broadcast-Quality Home Studio with Source Connect and ADR capabilities

  • Services: Videogames, Animation, Commercial, Dubbing, Localisation, Trailer, Promo, Narration, Singing

Character Demo

American Commercial Demo

Video-Game Demo

excellent talent_edited_edited.jpg
Volcanic Voice Talent Agency
Crown North Talent Agency


My Studio Setup

Sennheiser MKH 416


Audient EVO 4


Studio Sample

Adobe Audition (Preferred), Audacity

Delivery Methods

Email, Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, Microsoft OneDrive, Private FTP, Source Connect



Sound Absorbent Curtains, Carpeted Floors, Mac Mini 9, In-Booth Monitor, Apple Keyboard, Apple Wireless Mouse


Previous Clients Include...

Cryptic Studios
Magic: Legends
Catalope Games
Marvelous Games
Smashbits Animation
Dexter Manning/Manning Media

Word on the Streets


Ms. Eves' prompt and professional attitude sets her apart from her peers. Her talent quite literally speaks for itself, but her punctuality and versatility make her an excellent candidate, no matter the job.


An engaging British/Irish female voice. Confident and adaptable, combining a soft Irish lilt with mid-Atlantic tones


Iceberg Interactive

Quick to deliver and easy to work with. She can take direction very well and is adaptable to any situation

via Voices123

Every Director's dream! Chloe brings so much personality and dedication to the table and was an absolute delight to work with.


Dexter Manning

Chloe always gives it 100% with every role she takes and puts a lot of effort and passion into what she does! Reliable too- can’t go wrong with having her in your projects!



Just A Little About Myself

I am a Northern Irish-born voice actor currently residing in Birmingham, UK.

Since the age of 15 I have provided voices for a wide range of projects including but not limited to videogames, animations, commercials, music and much much more.

As many others have mentioned, I have a professional, dynamic, strong, emotive and extremely versatile wheelhouse of voices with years of acting experience and training under my belt.


My natural speaking voice is clear, mid-to-low pitched with a transatlantic accent which is comprised of a blend of Irish and American.

With my fully equipped home studio, I continue to work with a wide network of global clientele, bringing smiles and memories to the masses.